Press Release Writing

Though a press release may sound intimidating and official at first, it’s really nothing but a straightforward statement relaying news about an event of a business or organization. These days, press release writing is primarily done for online distribution, usually for newsletters and for link building purposes.

In the internet world, press releases have an advantage over regular advertisements because of a number of factors. Now since internet surfers regard ads (at least the conventional ones) with distaste, thinking of them as exaggerated hype served on a silver platter, press releases have an edge as something that’s more credible and straight to the point.

Press Release Writing Services and Online DistributionThese days, the average consumer is more likely to trust their peers for first-hand information on a product or service they’re interested in. Indeed, independent authorities such as columnists, reviewers, and broadcasters are now at the forefront of this trend. But did you know that these same individuals are also influenced by a well-written press release and good public relations?

In other words, credibility is what attracts your target market, and that’s where press release writing comes in. If you want your website to get traffic, it’s a must to have a well-written press release laden with high-quality links. If you get this combination right, then your website will be favored by search engines and the industry you are in alike, moving you higher on the search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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