Tracking Adwords & PPC Return on Investment (ROI)

In one of our email conversations with the team early this month, we talked about how to track conversions, specifically our best practice in conversion tracking. The team has been noticing an increasing disconnect between the reported number of conversions reported on Analytics and Adwords GUI and this prompted us to write about this blog […]

No More Sidebar Ads in Google Desktop SERPs, What Now?

We’ve been in digital marketing since 2008, and though we don’t consider ourselves as gurus as we know how dynamic the industry is and that we always have to adapt and keep learning to stay on top of our game, we do know Google enough to know that Google is still the top dog in […]

Adding “Years of Service” in Text Ads Increases Conversions by ∞% and Calls by 16.98% – Case Study

From 0 Conversions to 2 Conversions in 30 Days Sometimes, it’s hard to get even a single conversion, but having zero conversion in 30 days is just not acceptable. At least, there should be an online inquiry or a call on the phone in a month’s time. But that’s exactly what happened with this client. […]

Beginner Adwords Strategy Ups Conversions by 500% in 1 Month – Case Study

An ad group created on July 21, 2015 did not generate any ad views, clicks, or conversions for four months. found there were relevant keywords that weren’t added to the ad group, which users extensively used in their search (based on analytics). In fact, 11 out of the top 25 search terms were variations […]

Does Paid Traffic Affect Organic & Other Non-paid Traffic for E-commerce Sites? Google Says NO. They Lied!

After a good discussion by Jun Baranggan that SEO & PPC should be holding hands instead of breaking them during this year’s Digital Marketing Meet-up, I was intrigued by the fact that some still think PPC has the capacity to “cannibalize” organic traffic. Given the numerous combinations of variables in a campaign, there’s no doubt […]

Where to Learn SEO? Read on and Prepare to be Surprised!

Ahh… The search for knowledge. I remember the days when many don’t even know what on earth is “SEO”. That was nearly a decade ago. If you have been one of the chosen few to join in the fray, you might be one of the many who asks around, “Where can I learn SEO? How […]

We are growing again! We are looking for a creative individual to join our family as a Copywriter for Internet marketing Campaigns, is a full service Digital Marketing Agency that has been growing since 2006. It is the 1st and only certified Google Adwords Partner in Cebu. The agency specializes in pay per click pay per click (PPC) marketing (through Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Ad Center, Facebook, LInkedIn, and other mediums), Copywriting, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Creative Marketing. We are looking for creative […]

Yahoo Philippines Home Page Content… Or the Lack of It

Is it just me? Or is Yahoo Philippines‘ home page content becoming even more lazy? All it has now are aggregated news from the Associated Press and they’re all being named “Top Asian News” + the time the news article has been pulled as you can see in the screenshot below:     Have they […]

Bacon Condoms Anyone?

condom flavor searches

Ok so this might not news to some of us already but I’m more than certain for most, it is. People in the US are actually looking for “bacon” flavored condoms! Proof?               And if you’re one of those looking for one? I’ll make your life easier by pointing […]

Somebody Out There is Running an Adwords Campaign on the Display Network with a Bid of $13.00+ Per Click!

Adwords Certified

This is one of the many reasons why any business serious in making it on the internet should get a Google Adwords Certified Partner to help them with their PPC campaigns!   This screenshot shows one of our web properties earned an estimated $6.70 for just 1 click thanks to one of the many Adwords […]