Where to Learn SEO? Read on and Prepare to be Surprised!

Ahh… The search for knowledge. I remember the days when many don’t even know what on earth is “SEO”. That was nearly a decade ago. If you have been one of the chosen few to join in the fray, you might be one of the many who asks around, “Where can I learn SEO? How […]

A********* Marketing Institute

What could have happened to this authority marketing professional certification site that lead to its traffic dropping from an average 1,000 page views per day to nearly nil? Auditing now! Don’t be shellfish…

SEO Resolutions for the New Year

The month of January is a time when resolutions are made, most of which end up being broken or forgotten as the year progresses. Still, the first month of the year always ushers in new things. It’s also a great time to correct mistakes and bad habits of the past, and look back to see […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization

We’ve all heard the adage, “Too much of a good thing is bad,” but did you know that the same holds true for search engine optimization? There’s little doubt that Google currently ‘owns’ the Internet. 98% of all web searches are shared by Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL, but Google ranks first with a 65% […]

Search Engine Optimization for your Facebook Page

It used to be that promoting your business, or yourself for that matter, in the corporate world took a lot of money to do—something not everyone may have access to. However, with the rise of the internet as a major avenue for advertising and marketing, opportunities to raise awareness in less costly ways have become […]

Link Building 101

Link building is a necessary step to take if you’re serious about getting that coveted number 1 position for high search keywords on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While building links is widely regarded as an efficient way of optimizing one’s site, not too many webmasters know why links are needed in the […]